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Murder in the Movies

My first novel. I wouldn't have written it except my husband left me and I wanted to murder his rearend. Instead, I did it in a book. Great therapy. I highly recommend it.

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Lithium Springs
  DVD - One hour playing time
  Ocean Group Entertainment
  $14.95 - Esther Luttrell, producer/co-writer
  4-Star rating by the Dove Foundation for outstanding 
   family entertainment .

A contemporary comedy about an offbeat adventurer's quest for the Fountain of Youth and treasure buried by Ponce de Leon centuries ago.

DOUBLE  FEATURE on CD    (Recommended Ages: 4-10)
Prowler of the Cumberland
2-children's stories on CD.
Produced, Written & Narrated by Esther Luttrell 

Spearfinger is based on an Indian legend about a tiny bird who outwits a wicked witch, and saves the children of the village. More fun than scary.

Director: Carter Lord
Producer: Esther Luttrell
Writers: Carter Lord & Esther Luttrell
Genre: Comedy Adventure
Run time: 88 min.
Starring: Carter Lord, Nina Royal, Rebecca Renfroe, Henry Lawrence, Lance Seiler, Teza Lord
Ocean Entertainment Group, Inc.
Source: The Dove Foundation
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe

Dove Worldview:

"With some environmentalists undertones, this funny film makes you laugh. I want to compare Evinrude to Jim Varney's Ernest character; fighting the bad guys while trying to help the environment sounds just like something Ernest would do.  Evinrude and his sidekick dog, Fred, have some very hilarious times that are laugh-out-loud funny. They have thrown in some history about Juan Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth and treasure map that sends this duo on a comical adventure."

Family entertainment at its best!
This is Carter Lord. He not only directed this little jewel, he starred in it. I think he was the only actor he could afford, but actually I can't think of anyone who could have done a better job. He wrote the first draft, so he knew his character pretty well. Carter has the most delicious way of delivering a line or a look. His comic timing is beyond fantastic.

In this little tale, his character, Evinrude Jones, is a tugboat captain who stumbles across a map left 450 years ago by Ponce de Leon. It tells where he left hidden treasure - and where the Fountain of Youth is located, which is nowhere near where everyone thinks it is!  

Evinrude and his trusty pooch Fred take off for a place called Lithium Springs which, ironically (according to the story), is the very place in which Evinrude was born. He knows every nook and crannie in the county. It will be a cinch to find the treasure! Fred's gonna get a gold lame outfit yet, and Evinrude can buy the housetrailer of his dreams!
And this is, of course, Fred. Being a bit of a ham, he insisted on using his real name. Also, everything he does in the movie is natural. You see, Fred had no fancy training. When he's sleeping in the film, well, yes...he's really sleeping.

When the DVD was released, it originally had Carter's photo on the jacket, but after several film festival outings, it became clear who was the star of the show. So the cover got changed and this is the result. It's our guy preparing to go on an underwater adventure, in search of that treasure I've been telling you about. In the film, Evinrude actually finds the treasure, but a thousand-year-old swamp fellow (in Spandex bathing trunks no less) steals it and takes it to his underwater hideout. 

It's at this point some of the most beautiful underwater photography you've ever seen - bar none! - comes into the film. Dennis Jaseau was the photographer and what a photographer! It's so sad that with all of the narrow escapes he had on the film (hours of filming deep underwater), he died of a kidney condition while we were taking the movie on its film festival circuit.
Teza Lord, Carter's real-life wife, is incredible as a woods nymph. I mean, this girl is absolutely fearless! She runs, barefoot, through thorns, sandspurs and rattlers (never seen oncamera), frolicking among the most lush swampland in all of Florida. Untouched, unspoiled (not Teza, the land), it's hard to believe anything that beautiful is on our planet (Teza and the land).

In the film, the woods nymph tells Evinrude that she knew he would come to save the woods that land developers are about to destroy. Evinrude is stunned! He can't believe his ears or his eyes! A woods nymph? Is it possible?! Holy moly!

Of course, she's touched a chord inside Evinrude. He loves his native Florida. He doesn't want greedy land developers destroying such beauty! Displacing the wild life! And the woods people! But, on the other hand, he didn't come to Lithium Springs to save anybody's rearend. He came to find the treasure and buy himself that housetrailer he's been pining for. And that gold lame outfit for Fred.
Who the heck is going to believe Evinrude when he tells them he saw a woods nymph? No one, that's who.

Enter Henry Lawrence, former Oakland raider ProBowl offensive tackle making his film debut. Bobby (his character's name) knew Evinrude when they were kids, but even he isn't sure he believes his old buddy. So, Evinrude sets out to prove he's telling the truth.

Again, incredible landscape and nature scenes as the men go out in search of the illusive woods nymph. 
What's a movie without a love story? Florida actress, Nina Royal, plays an offbeat, funny-accented, Miok Johnson who takes a big tumble for the whimsical Evinrude. 

You'll be thrilled to know that both Evinrude and Miok keep their senses and their clothes on in every scene. 

Their spirit of fun will have you giggling, even if you're ordinarily a sourpuss. 

Miok joins in the hunt for the treasure and the crusade to stop greedy land developers.

Rebecca Renfroe is deserving of the highest award anyone can create for an actress. She plays the brassy, sassy owner of Lithium Springs, about to sell out to crooked developers. The reason I'm so impressed with Rebecca is that she is the exact opposite in person. Shy, sweet, quiet, you would never dream she could pull off a character like Varita.

As Varita holds midnight rendezvous with a wealthy biker, and a double-dealing developer, Evinrude and Fred are digging for the treasure.

Their quest is interrupted by that swamp fellow I was telling you about though, finally, he picks up a shovel and helps Evinrude find the jewels. For his own purposes, of course. Once found, he takes off with them! Through the woods! Into the lagoon! Down hundreds of feet into his secret underwater cave! Will Evinrude be able to find him? After all, Evenrude stole those jewels himself, fair and square!
I don't want to give away the terrific ending, but I will show you what they were fighting for.

Gorgeous, huh?

And it really does exist. Right there outside Tampa, Florida. But, of course, it won't for long. Soon the developers will actually do what this little movie accuses them of doing. They'll do what they've done with the fabulous Everglades. They'll fill it in and build ridiculously high-priced houses and all of this will be only a memory.

Thank goodness Carter captured it on film before it got away from us.
Because she has the ability to turn herself into the most innocent looking old lady, she keeps escaping those who attempt to capture her. Oh, the Indian braves try everything! But then a tiny little bird, called a Chickadee, comes along and outwits the old girl ... thus saving the village and causing much rejoicing!

I do the narration, and it's just so much fun. Lots of giggles for the kids on this one! Sound effects are excellent.
The Prowler of the Cumberland is based on a legend about the ghost of a mountain lion who frightens a little girl whose father is rendered momentarily helpless because of his own fright. And then he remembers that fear can be overcome. Quite a lesson for his daughter - and for any child listening. 
A transcultural, intergenerational review:
"What strikes me the most, is the soaring Shakespearean nature of the story. It is a cross between a Midsummer Night's Dream (woodland creatures) and the Merchant of Venice (venality). It is full of soliloquies, comic interludes, intertwining plots and subplots, and careful choice of wording. I am sincerely impressed by Carter's writing, acting and directing skills." Peter Calkins, PhD, Development Economist

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Dena Brooke had no way of knowing her life would change forever ... when she opened the strange blue door ...

A tale of mystery, murder and mayhem in the Mid-West

The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell

A chilling suspense that delves into the heart and mind of the innocent, the prey, and the killer. Atmospheric settings, believable characters and unexpected plot twists will keep the reader spellbound. An intriguing and eerie psychological mystery. A story well calculated to keep you in suspense!

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